Supreme Court is Asked to Halt Ruling

( – The fight to preserve the sanctity of life continues as the nation heads into 2021. With any luck, the rise of the number of conservative justices in the US Supreme Court will make a difference in the future. The State of Tennessee has asked the court to weigh in and help it save lives.

Tennessee Attorney General Herbert Slatery filed an emergency application for a stay with the Supreme Court on Monday, April 5. The filing seeks permission to enforce the state’s 48-hour waiting period before a woman can get an abortion. A lower court issued a permanent injunction against the law.

The petition pointed out that several unborn children could end up being “aborted” who might otherwise have been saved unless the court grants the request. “Some women will choose” to have an abortion without the benefit of having the time to make an “informed and deliberate decision,” the request stated. “Some [women] will later regret” that “irreversible decision.”

Justice Brett Kavanaugh issued a docket order the following day, giving the defendants until April 15 to submit their response to the request. We will keep you posted about future orders and findings from the Supreme Court.

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