Supreme Court Puts a Stop to Democrats Agenda

( – The Democratic Party has been trying to destroy Donald Trump for years. They have impeached him twice and failed to secure a conviction either time. They celebrated Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russiagate investigation and when they failed to hurt him with that probe, they launched another one. Now, the Supreme Court has put an end to another witch hunt.

On Friday, July 2, the Supreme Court struck down lower court rulings that would have allowed House Democrats on the Judiciary Committee to obtain private grand jury records from Mueller’s investigation. The lawmakers had been trying to get the records since 2019 in order to prove whether or not Trump lied to Mueller’s team. President Joe Biden’s DOJ argued that the lawmakers did not need that material because the 45th POTUS was no longer in office. That made the case moot as far as they were concerned.

The decision from the justices means Trump does not have to be concerned about that probe any longer. House Democrats aren’t getting their hands on any information in an attempt to nail him to the wall after the fact. Unfortunately, the taxpayers lost big. The Left carried on this distracting and costly investigation, only to have the Mueller probe clear Trump of any wrongdoing, and they wasted countless tax dollars doing it.

Imagine all that could have been accomplished had the country not been exposed to multiple fruitless witch hunts. All the time, money and energy could have been put to better use in managing foreign relations and the pandemic response if only they’d have stopped attacking the former president.

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