Surprise Swimmer Breaks Records in Women’s Competition

Surprise Swimmer Breaks Records In Women's Competition

( – Although 2021 presented extraordinary challenges to American life, many athletes enjoyed sweet success and endured bitter defeat throughout the year. Such was the case for a surprise swimmer who broke records during a recent college women’s competition.

University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas competed in male events as Will Thomas, a male, for three seasons at the prestigious school. However, the 22-year-old Ivy-League athlete switched to the women’s team for her senior year after starting testosterone suppression treatments and receiving NCAA approval.

Thomas has set multiple collegiate records since making the move to competing as a woman. Most recently, she set a pool and meet record in the 500 freestyle competition, taking first place with a time of 4:34.06 on December 3. That time placed her first in the country and marked a new program record.

However, Thomas’ record-setting performances have received criticism. For instance, an unnamed teammate recently told reporters Thomas’ participation on the women’s team had created friction. According to a female swimmer, nearly everyone on the team has expressed their dislike for having Thomas compete with them. Although certain team members have let the coach know their concerns, sadly, the team’s head coach only cares about winning, according to the anonymous woman.

“Secretly, everyone… knows it is the wrong thing to do,” she concluded. However, as Megyn Kelly noted, Thomas’ teammates haven’t spoken out publicly about the situation so far — reportedly due to threats to their scholarships.

What do you think? Should the NCAA allow transgender men to compete in women’s sports? Is it fair?

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