Suspect Detained in Bronx Gang Feud that Led to Elderly Bystander’s Death

( – Crime rates are finally falling in New York City, after being high for two years. Shootings, in particular, have fallen by 25%. However, even though crime is falling, innocent people are still dying.

On Thursday, September 14, a man was running away while being pursued by a shooter in the Bronx. While he was fleeing, the suspect fired a shot, hitting 71-year-old Enriqueta Rivera in the back. Video of the incident shows her immediately falling to the ground. An unnamed 34-year-old woman was also shot in the arm. The incident happened in broad daylight.

Rivera, a mother and grandmother, was taken to Lincoln Medical Center but she died from her injuries. The other victim is recovering. On Saturday, a vigil took place for the elderly woman. Members of anti-violence organizations in the neighborhood called for peace at the event.

On Monday, the NYPD arrested Joshua Evans on manslaughter and murder charges. The 21-year-old alleged gang member was also charged with assault, criminal possession of a weapon, and attempted murder.

Evans reportedly lived two blocks away from the crime scene. He has a prior robbery charge from 2019. Law enforcement found him hiding in a relative’s house. According to authorities, Evans and another man got into an argument. The suspect reportedly pulled out a gun and fired multiple shots. Police believe both of the men were involved in gangs.

Members of Rivera’s family were at the police precinct on the night of the arrest. They called Evans a murderer and screamed at him as he was escorted out.

Luis Gutierrez, a neighbor of Rivera’s, described her as “a sweet woman” who was “[a] beautiful person.” She reportedly has two daughters and her family frequently visited her for large gatherings involving food and music.

Gutierrez compared the violence in the neighborhood to other countries. “It’s like a kid growing up in Kuwait, in the Gaza strip,” he said.

A day before Rivera died, an 8-year-old boy was shot as he was getting off of the school bus. He is recovering from his injuries.

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