Taliban Allows Flights to Leave Kabul – But at What Cost?

Taliban Allows Flights to Leave Kabul - But at What Cost?

(ReliableNews.org) – At the end of August, the US ended its longest war when the final military flight left Afghanistan. The Taliban, America’s enemy for the last 20 years, had already taken control of the country. In the months since, thousands of desperate people have tried to flee, including US citizens. Although flights are leaving the country, there’s a problem.

According to a report by Tolo News, officials at Afghanistan’s Civil Aviation Authority (ACAA) said the Kabul airport is functional and international flights are available, but commercial flights haven’t returned to normal. That’s due in part to airline ticket prices. Travel agent Mohammad Rasool said flights need to get back to normal so commercial passengers can get reservations. Currently, the expensive tickets are leading to a shortage of flights.

At this time, the only international airline operating in Afghanistan is Kam Air. Ticket prices were so high, the ACAA demanded it lower the prices in October.

Ariana Airline has said it will resume its international flights to Dubai soon, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Air travel is incredibly important in Afghanistan. Not only will it allow refugees to leave the country, which is seeing a rise in terrorist attacks, but it also allows for business travel. Economist Abdul Nasir Reshtia told Tolo News travel plays an important role in rebuilding the economy.

At this point, it looks like that recovery will continue to move at a snail’s pace.

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