Taliban Asks Joe Biden to Honor Donald Trump’s Plans in Afghanistan

(ReliableNews.org) – No doubt, one of President Donald Trump’s most significant lasting legacies will be his tough, “America First” approach to foreign policy. His 2018 withdrawal from the failed Iran nuclear deal along with the recent return of American troops from overseas will withstand the test of time — that is, if Joe Biden doesn’t undo all his good deeds.

Media outlets reported on January 18 that the Taliban is calling on Biden to honor President Trump’s deal to remove American troops from Afghanistan by May 2021.

The Trump administration announced it would begin reducing US armed forces in Afghanistan in mid-November 2020, promising to reduce troop levels from 4,500 to 2,500 by the middle of January 2021.

Taliban spokesperson Mohammad Naeem referenced the February 2020 peace agreement with the United States when speaking to reporters about the request. That peace pact paved the way for continued peace negotiations.

Naeem hopes for a “permanent” ceasefire in the coming months but warned that if Biden breached the agreement brokered by the Trump administration, continued negotiations could be adversely affected. We will keep you updated as events unfold.

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