Taliban Going Door-to-Door “Punishing” Afghans

Taliban Going Door-to-Door

(ReliableNews.org) – Operation Enduring Freedom came to an official close on August 30, one minute before midnight. The last military plane departed Afghanistan and America’s longest war was finally over. Unfortunately, for many Afghans, the horrors were just beginning.

Brutal Taliban Regime

Shortly after the US left, reports started circulating about the Taliban exacting revenge on those who helped America throughout the war. BBC reported the terrorist organization is hunting its enemies down. One former Afghan soldier told journalists the Taliban haven’t stopped murdering people since taking power.

“A few days ago, they killed twelve members of the special forces in Kandahar and three soldiers in Jalalabad as well.” They were my close friends. I was in touch with them. The Taliban took them out of their homes and shot them,” the former soldier said. He is now hiding with his family.

A former high-ranking police officer who remained unnamed is changing locations every day because he heard the Taliban is looking for him. He wants to cross the border, but doesn’t have any money. So he and his family are living life on the run.

A Special Force

Reports of the Taliban hunting people surfaced before the US left the country. On August 28, Zenger News published an interview with Nawazuddin Haqqani, a brigade leader for a specialized force within the Taliban. He manages a team of soldiers in the Al Isha unit — an elite group that he says are looking for enemies.

The terror leader told the website that the Taliban is using biometric scanners left by the Americans to find out who they were working with in the country. The scanners allegedly provide access to a massive US database containing all of the biometric information of those people.

When journalists reached out to the Pentagon to ask why the scanners were left behind, spokesman Lt. Col. Anton Semelroth had no answers and said he would forward the information along. Neither the White House nor State Department had answers.

Broken Promises

News of the killings come two weeks after Taliban Chief Spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid held his first press conference. He claimed the organization was turning over a new leaf. He claimed the group was going to forgive those who worked with the US and allied forces. He also said women would be free as long as they abide to stay within the confines of Islamic law.

If the reports are true, the Taliban didn’t even wait to start killing. It would be more surprising if the Mujahid didn’t make his speech from Dawa Khan Menapal’s seat — the former government spokesperson who was killed by the group for alleged misdeeds.

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