Talks Between China and the US Improving on the Horizon

Talks Between China and the US Improving on the Horizon

( – Since China officially established its republic in 1949, the communist country and the United States have had a complicated relationship. While neither sees the other as an enemy, the intensity between the two nations as the strongest economies in the world mustn’t shift from competition to conflict. To that end, on October 6, US officials announced President Joe Biden and China’s President Xi Jinping plan to meet virtually before the end of 2021 to improve communications and ease current tensions.

Although the two leaders talked by phone in September, US officials felt the need to suggest a follow-up between Biden and Xi to address recent world issues. With China’s recent military maneuvers near Taiwan and the United States’ plan to provide Australia with nuclear-powered submarines, continued communications are necessary.

US Relations with China

While it’s true that talks may not improve relations between the US and China overall, Biden must meet periodically with the communist leader. Given the trade and economic relations between the powerful countries, maintaining strategic competition while communicating acceptable boundaries ensures peace in the region and cooperation on global issues like climate change and public health.

Considering the COVID-19 crisis and the fact that China is home to 5 out of 10 of the most polluted cities globally, establishing a cooperative relationship for such issues is not optional.

Not only that, but in recent weeks, US concerns increased with China flexing its military power and intimidating Taiwan, which could destabilize the region. The two countries are currently at a stalemate over this issue and others like the autonomy of Hong Kong and the alleged human rights atrocities in Xinjiang. Hopefully, the president and China’s leader can have some meaningful discussions on these important subjects.

Expected Outcomes

With an extra layer of tension between America and the PRC stemming from the pandemic’s source, the leaders have much to discuss. But continuing a tense relationship is not good for either country, considering the interdependence between them in economics, trade, science, and technology.

Responsible competition between the United States and China is not only good for both powerhouses but essential for the global economy to thrive.

Because of that, the mutual country and world interests should curtail any future hostilities, leaving a competitive environment that should benefit all. And by keeping the lines of communication open, there’s a greater chance of reaching and maintaining those goals.

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