Teacher Caught Distributing Pro-Abortion Flyers to Students

(ReliableNews.org) – Educators have an obligation to teach their students about subjects in which they have expertise. They are supposed to teach the topics in accordance with state or school guidelines. They should not be sending controversial political materials home with their students.

An eighth grade teacher in Tacoma, Washington is under fire for giving students pro-birth control/abortion flyers. Radio host Jason Rantz said students aged 13 and 14 at Stewart Middle School were given the flyers as part of science class.

The flyer also informed kids about the age of consent for sexual intercourse. For instance, an 11 year old can consent to sex with someone who is 2 years older or younger. It said that the kids could receive abortions or birth control no matter their ages and without parental permission. It also lets them know that they don’t have to speak to their parents about HIV and STD testing and treatment.

Eric Hogan, the assistant director of the school district’s secondary education, said the flyer isn’t part of the curriculum and kids should not have received it. He said that it was part of a program that Planned Parenthood taught within the school. He explained that the teacher made a mistake, apologized and said there is an investigation underway to find out why it was sent home with the students.

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