Teacher Fired After Video Surfaces of Her Threatening Students

Teacher Fired After Video Surfaces of Her Threatening Students

(ReliableNews.org) – Schools are supposed to be safe havens for children, free from harm and discrimination. A Utah school teacher recently learned the hard way that school officials wouldn’t tolerate her effort to indoctrinate children in her classroom.

On August 18, Alpine School officials announced the termination of a Lehi High School teacher after a video went viral of her engaging in a politically charged discussion with students.

The clip began with the unnamed teacher loudly complaining, presumably about face masks. Then, she can be heard telling students they are “going to hear about it” if they put her at risk in her own classroom. Continuing, she hollered about not being happy about kids showing up to class with COVID-19 variants she could catch or take home to her family.

The teacher can also be heard in one portion of the video undermining parents’ authority. “You don’t have to do everything your parents say,” she told the students. She also told them they didn’t have to agree with their parents because they are probably “smarter than them.”

Several parents complained to NBC-affiliate KSL-5 TV that their children said the teacher routinely hit them with politically-based rhetoric targeting their beliefs about climate change, the LGBTQ community, and former President Donald Trump.

The incident took place the day before school officials initially placed her on administrative leave. However, they concluded an internal investigation by the end of the day, which resulted in her termination.

Fortunately, this school district stood up for its pupils and parents and corrected the situation within hours. 

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