Ted Cruz ATTACKED – See Who Had It Out For Him

Man Who Threw Beer Can at Ted Cruz Revealed

Man Who Threw Beer Can at Ted Cruz Revealed

(ReliableNews.org) – The Houston Astros won the World Series on Saturday, November 5. Two days later, on Monday, the city held a parade for the beloved baseball team. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) joined the parade on one of the floats, and that’s when someone tried to attack him. Now, new information has been revealed.

During the Astros parade, a man allegedly threw two cans of White Claw at Cruz’s head while he was waving to the crowd. The senator was able to deflect the cans of alcohol with his arm and wasn’t injured. Police arrested Joseph Halm Arcidiacono, 33, and charged him with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Arcidiacono went before a judge who set his bond at $40,000. However, his public defender argues the can he used doesn’t meet the definition of a deadly weapon. The lawyer wants a $100 bond instead.

Cruz mocked the suspect in a tweet, saying he had a “noodle for an arm.” He also thanked law enforcement officers.

Bill Stradley, another attorney working with the suspect, claimed his client was hoping Cruz would drink the White Claws he threw. ABC13 reported the lawyer said Arcidiacono wanted to share the beverage with the senator but didn’t realize “how it would be perceived until he saw security’s reaction.”

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