Ted Cruz Claims Biden Has Secret Assessment Outlining Futility of Iran Nuclear Deal

Ted Cruz Claims Biden Has Secret Assessment Outlining Futility of Iran Nuclear Deal

GOP Lawmaker Completely Unravels Biden’s Web Of Lies

(ReliableNews.org) – Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is calling out President Joe Biden’s administration over its insistence to renegotiate the Iran nuclear deal. The White House is continuing to try to work out an agreement with the adversarial country, against the advice of Conservatives. Worse, the senator alleges the POTUS is sitting on more evidence proving it’s a bad idea.

During a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on May 3, Cruz asked Deputy Secretary of State Brian McKeon about comments Secretary of State Antony Blinken made at the end of April. The secretary said rolling back some sanctions on Iran might be good if it will prompt the country to scale back its nuclear program. The senator told McKeon he doesn’t believe there would be any benefit to rolling back sanctions. He went on to claim the “administration has a secret assessment” that says there is a point in which negotiating a nuclear agreement would “make the deal meaningless.”

Cruz went on to ask McKeon if the department is going to make the so-called assessment public.

McKeon told Cruz he thinks the assessment the senator is referring to is “probably an assessment of the intelligence committee [and] is classified.” However, he said he would need more information to answer the question because he doesn’t work on the issue. The senator asked him again if the State Department would make the assessment public, and the deputy secretary repeated his response that he’s not working on the issue and has no information.

Do you think the State Department should make the alleged assessment public?

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