Ted Cruz Issues Bold Warning About Biden

(ReliableNews.org) – As soon as Biden took office, he made it a priority to start reversing former President Donald Trump’s policies. He issued 15 presidential actions on his first day as president, setting the stage for the near destruction of the last four years of accomplishments by Trump. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has been an outspoken critic of Biden and stepped in to issue a stern warning about him during a May 31 interview with the Associated Press.

Cruz accused Biden of being soft when it comes to defending Israel against its foes. According to the senator, Biden’s lax attitude invites further violence between Israel and Hamas in the wake of 11 days of deadly conflict.

Sen. Cruz also explained that Biden’s “weakness” goes beyond his lack of support for Israel. The more Biden refuses to stand up to “Hamas… Hezbollah, or Iran,” the more the world will “see terrorist attacks escalating” throughout the region.

Cruz’s warning came during his weekend visit to Israel to survey the aftermath of the fighting between Jerusalem and Gaza City. It is a departure from the usual practice of not criticizing US policy while overseas, showing just how serious he considers the situation.

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