Ted Cruz Slams Australian Govt For Restricting Citizens’ Freedoms

Australian Leader Slams Ted Cruz - 'You Know Nothing About Us'

(ReliableNews.org) – Australia has had some of the strictest COVID-19 restrictions in the world. Michael Gunner, chief minister of Australia’s Northern Territory, recently issued a directive requiring all workers to get at least one COVID-19 vaccine by mid-November. If they don’t comply, they could receive fines and lose their jobs. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) lashed out at the US ally’s government.

On October 13, Cruz expressed his love for the Australian people. However, he believes the government has devolved into tyranny. He called the leaders of the nation “disgraceful & sad.”

Gunner was stinging from the criticism and told Cruz he didn’t know anything about his government. He said that Texas, with over 29 million people, has had 70,000 COVID-19 deaths, while Northern Australia, with about 246,000 folks, hasn’t had any. Of course, to get there, the residents in his region are being forced to give up personal liberties.

Cruz isn’t the only American politician to lash out at the Australian government. In early October, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis spoke at an international boating conference in Tampa about the restrictions in the land Down Under. The Republican accused the country of not being free any longer. He said he believed the US might have to reevaluate its relationship with its ally.

While Gunner might be okay with forcing Northern Australian residents to give up their rights, America’s GOP lawmakers flatly refuse. Perhaps that’s another example of why it’s the US, not Australia, known as the Land of the Free.

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