Tensions Rise Between US and China Over Taiwan

Tensions Rise Between US and China Over Taiwan

(ReliableNews.org) – China’s former government re-established itself on the tiny island of Taiwan after the communist takeover of mainland China in 1949. The People’s Republic of China considers Taiwan a breakaway nation. Tensions have recently increased between the United States and China over Taiwan due to the communist country’s recent efforts to intimidate the island nation.

For example, China held a series of military exercises in the region in August, culminating in the violation of Taiwan’s airspace with more than a dozen warplanes the following month. Chinese military officials have continued the practice into the new year, most recently flying 39 warplanes towards Taiwan on Sunday, January 23.

For maximum shock value, the sortie included 24 Shenyang J-16 tandem-seat strike fighter jets accompanied by 10 Chengdu J-10 all-weather fighters and a sprinkling of support craft. Taiwan’s Defense Ministry reported an electronic warfare aircraft also accompanied the fighter group.

Pentagon officials confirmed the presence of two US carrier strike groups in the region led by two Nimitz-class aircraft carriers, the USS Abraham Lincoln and the USS Carl Vinson. However, it remains unclear whether US maritime exercises provoked China’s flyover or whether it was a part of the communist nation’s ongoing efforts to intimidate Taiwan and its allies.

Although the US hasn’t supported Taiwan’s independence since 1979, it does maintain unofficial relations with the island nation as part of an ongoing effort to promote peaceful relations and stability in the region. Taiwan’s independence is vital to many countries across the globe.

What are your thoughts? Is the presence of US Naval vessels in the region contributing to the region’s stability, or do you think it is increasing tensions?

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