Testimony Begins in Assange Spy Case

Testimony Begins in Assange Spy Case

(ReliableNews.org) – For seven years, Julian Assange lived in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. The WikiLeaks founder accused a Spanish company of spying on him during his time there. Now, a court is investigating the claims.

On July 27, Spain’s National Court heard testimony in the case. The Madrid court is investigating a man named David Morales to find out if his security agency, Undercover Global S.L. (UC Global), violated Assange’s privacy during his time in the embassy. The Wikileaks’ founder’s attorneys claim the agency recorded meetings he had with visitors.

During Monday’s testimony, the court heard from Fidel Narváez, a former Ecuadorian consul in London. Stella Morris, Assange’s fiance and mother of two of his children, also answered questions. Finally, Spanish lawyer Baltasar Garzón was at the proceedings.

According to reports, UC Global allegedly used video equipment to monitor Assange’s meetings. Morales also reportedly asked his staff to copy documents and take fingerprints from a glass. Garzón told reporters outside of the courtroom that he was shown a video of a meeting between himself and his client, he called it “quite scandalous” and said it’s like a “spy movie.”

The testimony will continue this week into the investigation. As for Assange, he’s currently in a British jail fighting extradition to the United States.

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