Texas City Looks To Raise AR-15 Purchasing Age to 21

Austin, Texas Looks To Raise AR-15 Purchasing Age to 21

Additional Gun Control Is Coming To This City In Texas

(ReliableNews.org) – Politicians have become hyper-focused on guns in the wake of the Uvalde, Texas shooting that left 19 children and 2 adults dead. The federal government is currently working on firearm-safety legislation. Several states have also taken up the issue and now Austin, Texas is looking at its options as well.

Texas is known for its staunch support of the Second Amendment and has some of the most relaxed gun laws in the country. However, on June 16, the Liberal Austin City Council adopted a resolution to allow officials to “explore every option” to raise the minimum age to buy semi-automatic weapons, including AR-15 style rifles, from age 18 to 21.

City Council member Alison Alter told local Fox 7 the shootings in Uvalde and Buffalo prompted the resolution because in both cases, 18-year-olds purchased AR-15s and murdered people. She explained her high school student is 16 and believes anything the city can do to restrict the weapons makes her son and other kids safer.

The council members didn’t address the fact people from other cities could just bring guns into Austin. Chicago is a good example of what happens when a city restricts weapons sales but the surrounding areas do not. Further, the shooter in Buffalo traveled from hours away to carry out the mass murder. What’s stopping someone from doing the same in Austin if the city council passes restrictions?

Do you support raising the age to purchase semi-automatic weapons?

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