Texas Governor Pushing Back Against Democrats Who Left Their Posts


(ReliableNews.org) – Controversy continues to surround the outcome of the 2020 presidential elections. In Texas, Republican lawmakers are attempting to debate new election laws in a bid to restore faith in the accuracy of future elections. But, a group of Democrats fled to Washington DC to prevent the Texas House from voting on the measure as a minimum number of state representatives must be present.

Fortunately, Texas Republicans are standing quietly on the sidelines, waiting for things to run their course. Instead, they passed a measure on July 13 to have the Democrats arrested and returned to the state capital if they won’t return of their own free will.

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott weighed in on the matter using his Twitter account. He pointed out that he will keep calling special legislative sessions once the current one expires until the state House votes on the new election law. He also pointed out that “no one else” gets to walk off the job and get paid. Besides, “quitters never win.”

Abbott spoke with Newsmax and confirmed he planned to follow through with his threat. He promised he would keep calling 30-day special sessions until next year’s elections if necessary.

Eventually, the Democrats will have to return to Texas, Abbott explained, and they can either vote on the bill or face the wrath of the voters who elected them to do their jobs and not hide out in Washington while collecting full paychecks.

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