Texas Police Group Fires Back in the Wake of Budget Cuts

(ReliableNews.org) – Pandering to radical Leftist agitators, Austin’s city council voted to reduce the police department’s budget in August.

Texas’ largest police group, the Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA), decided to push back by placing two billboards along the I35 corridor near its entrance to the city.

One billboard warns drivers to “Enter at your own risk!” The other sign stated, “Limited support the next 20 miles.” TMPA posted a statement on their Facebook page calling the defunding decision a “reckless act” and warned of its potential impact on public safety.

Republican Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick showed his support for the efforts by posting a tweet thanking the TMPA for the billboards and criticizing the “dangerous decision” to defund the police.

Republican Governor Greg Abbott stepped into the fray too, tweeting a link to an article about the billboards along with the hashtag #TexasBacksTheBlue. He also vowed to “Back the Blue” and to fight any efforts to defund police departments by local officials.

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