Texas Resumes Construction of Border Wall on Private Land

Texas Resumes Construction of Border Wall on Private Land

(ReliableNews.org) – For one year and 11 months, the US border with Mexico has been in a state of crisis. More than 2 million migrants have crossed into America without proper documents since President Joe Biden took office. Texas is taking steps to alleviate the problem in its state.

On December 13, Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) announced he was going to continue building the border wall. The construction begins next month after officials negotiated deals with residents to allow the state to build the barrier on private property.

In September, the Texas Facilities Commission approved a contract worth $167 million to Southwest Valley Constructors Co out of New Mexico. The company is supposed to build 6.7 miles of the border wall. BFBC of Texas also received a $140 million contract to construct 6.95 miles of wall in the Rio Grande Valley.

Biden has continued repairs to the border fence along Arizona, with construction taking place near Yuma; however, it has not continued into Texas. Abbott has taken steps on his own, including bussing migrants out of his state, to get the crisis under control. Unfortunately, the problems remain, and the Biden Administration doesn’t seem eager to help.

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