Texas Set To Bring Volley Of Lawsuits Against Biden Administration

(ReliableNews.org) – President Joe Biden took office on January 20 and immediately started signing executive orders to reverse many of former President Donald Trump’s policies. He has said he wants to pass many more far-Left policies. However, Republicans in one state do not plan to allow the new POTUS to infringe on their rights.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said his state is prepared to sue the Biden Administration over a number of his policies if he implements them. The Republican said he will take action “whenever the federal government encroaches on state’s rights.”

Democrats have slim majorities in the House and the Senate for the next two years. In fact, in the Senate they only have 50 seats with Vice President Kamala Harris being the potential tie-breaker. That means they do not have enough to overcome a filibuster by a GOP senator which could stop Biden from implementing many of his worst policies.

If conservative lawmakers in the upper chamber of Congress block the radical Left, then hopefully Abbott won’t have to expend Texas resources to fight back, but it’s good that he is ready just in case.

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