The 2022 Travel Outlook: Is It Safe to Plan?

The 2022 Travel Outlook: Is it Safe to Plan?

( – After nearly two years of quarantines and other restrictions, Americans are ready to start traveling again. But is it safe to start planning that next trip? Fortunately, travel experts say things are looking up, particularly if trips are booked for the summer of 2022 and later.

CNBC recently reported there is cause for optimism regarding travel. For instance, COVID-19 vaccination rates continue rising with each passing day, opening the travel industry globally. With the CDC authorizing shots for children as young as five in early November, taking a family vacation hasn’t looked this good in a while.

However, it is important to remain flexible with travel dates, especially when planning overseas trips. Although many countries recently reopened their borders to travelers from the US, the recent rise of the Omicron variant has led to new travel restrictions in several countries.

Israel, Japan, and Morocco have the harshest travel restrictions. However, other countries like the United Kingdom have started requiring nose swab PCR testing for COVID-19 before entry.

On Friday, December 10, Fitch Ratings revised its global airline outlook. Although it expects conditions for international travel to improve throughout 2022, it doesn’t expect figures to rise to pre-pandemic levels until 2024.

Bottom line, for those planning to travel in 2022? Remain flexible, particularly when traveling internationally. Potential coronavirus outbreaks and new variants could force a sudden change of plans.

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