The American Public Doesn’t Trust Biden or Fauci to Handle Monkeypox Outbreak

The American Public Doesn't Trust Biden or Fauci To Handle Monkeypox Outbreak

Poll: Americans Have Zero Confidence Government Can Handle Latest Outbreak

( – The COVID-19 pandemic left many Conservatives angry with NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci and President Joe Biden. As monkeypox spreads, the prospect of them handling another outbreak has the American people, not just Republicans, on edge.

In May, the Convention of States Action (COSA) and the Trafalgar Group conducted a Nationwide Issues Survey poll. The survey asked respondents how much they trust Fauci and Biden to handle the outbreak.

A majority of 56% said they either don’t trust the administration or trust them very little in this matter. Democrats largely stood by the president; 71.3% said they did trust him. In comparison, 83% of Republicans said they don’t, while 61.3% of respondents with no party affiliation expressed the same level of distrust toward Biden and Fauci.

The CDC has issued a Level 2 alert for monkeypox. The virus, which has been endemic in some African countries for years, is related to smallpox. Symptoms include fever, muscle aches, and lesions on the skin. The health agency recommends people practice enhanced safety measures including wearing a mask, practicing good hygiene, and avoiding infected people. If someone notices lesions on their skin, they should contact a physician and tell them they’re concerned about a possible monkeypox infection. Men in the LGBTQ+ community are at an increased risk.

Do you trust Fauci and Biden to handle a monkeypox outbreak?

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