The Best and Worst States For the Middle Class

( – Financial tech company SmartAsset released its annual listing of the Best States for the Middle Class on October 18, 2020. A few interesting patterns emerge politically, particularly with the national elections less than three weeks away.

SmartAsset selected the best states looking at the number of middle-class households, the Gini index, homeownership rate, home value, and household income. It also evaluated four-year changes in job growth income.

The top five states with the number of Electoral College delegates and current political leaning include:

1, Utah (6) Likely Red

  1. Idaho (4) Safe Red
  2. Minnesota (10) Leans Blue
  3. South Dakota (3) Safe Red
  4. Iowa (6) Toss-up

The bottom five state include:

  1. Oklahoma (7) Safe Red
  2. New Mexico (5) Likely Blue
  3. Connecticut (7) Safe Blue
  4. Louisiana (8) Safe Red
  5. New York (29) Safe Blue

(The list goes to 51 because BestAsset included Washington, DC.)

As you can see, there’s a fairly even distribution of red and blue states throughout the top and bottom states. It will be interesting to see how the leaning states and one toss-up state vote during the upcoming presidential election.

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