The Georgia Senate Runoff Election Will Have Big Consequences

( – For almost three weeks, the presidential race has been front and center in everyone’s minds. We still don’t know who the president is going to be despite Democrats claiming Joe Biden won. President Donald Trump is in court trying to get to the bottom of multiple allegations of voter fraud.

That isn’t the only election that wasn’t decided. And the other ones that are up in the air could determine how the next president will govern.

Georgia, Georgia, Georgia

On November 3, both Republican senators, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, were up for re-election. In the Peach State, the candidate must receive at least 50% of the vote or the race goes to a runoff. That’s exactly what happened. On January 5, Sen. Kelly Loeffler will face Democrat Rev Raphael Warnock; Sen. David Perdue will face off with Liberal Jon Ossoff.

What Does That Mean For America?

The election left Republicans with 50 senate seats for the next two year term, Democrats have 48. If the Left wins both of the races in Georgia, that would be a disaster if Joe Biden also wins the White House. Kamala Harris becomes the Senate president and she would break any tie in the chamber, meaning the Democrats would have control in the legislative and executive branches. The party could then push its radical agendas through.

If Trump wins the presidential race and the Left wins the senate races in Georgia, that changes the ball game. Democrats wouldn’t be able to push their agenda through, but they could stop the president from accomplishing anything in at least the first half of his second term. So, it still wouldn’t be an ideal scenario.

The only option for Republicans is to win at least one of the two senate races giving them 51 seats. Then it would not matter who is president in terms of stopping the radical Left agenda.

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