President Trump Publicly Condemns Violence And Vandalism

( – Democrats have done their best to target Donald Trump’s presidency, starting before he took office through to the present time. They challenged the Electoral College ballots cast for him in several states in January 2017.

They supported efforts by Robert Mueller to conduct a costly and unwarranted witch hunt. When those efforts failed, Democrats impeached the president on false pretenses, with the Republican-led Senate putting an end to the charade and acquitting him in January 2020.

Most recently, the Democratic-led House voted to approve one article of impeachment on January 13, 2021. Later that evening, the White House released a video of the president “unequivocally” condemning the violence that the nation witnessed last week at the US Capitol Building.

The president continued to explain that such behavior has no place in America, adding that he directed federal officials to use every possible resource to ensure a peaceful inauguration ceremony and transfer of power on January 20.

Meanwhile, Democrats are still sowing seeds of discontent in an apparent effort to divide the country. Even in the face of national unrest, Democrats continue putting partisan politics and their dislike of Donald Trump above their duty to help Republicans govern. 

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