The Real Reason Water Snakes Attack

The Real Reason Water Snakes Attack

( – Sea snakes are as terrifying as they sound. They’re up to 6-feet long and venomous, basically nothing someone with a snake phobia wants to get near. The creatures are also known for attacking divers, and scientists think they know why.

According to a new study published in Scientific Reports, scuba divers have reported multiple unprovoked attacks by venomous sea snakes. People have said the aquatic creatures wrap themselves around the divers’ arms or legs and attempt to bite them.

The scientists don’t believe the snakes are intentionally aggressive. Instead, they think the snakes are confusing the divers with mates. Of the 58 attacks by males, only 12 occurred outside of breeding season. The marine experts discovered the male snakes were more likely to bother humans and spent longer interacting with them. They were also more likely to tongue-flick divers’ wetsuits.

The interactions between the sea snakes and humans generally happened around tropical reefs. Although none of the divers suffered serious injuries in the encounters, it’s troublesome because aggressive behavior exhibited by the animals looking for sexy time could cause the swimmer to panic. Panicking while diving can cause serious injuries.

The good news is, the snakes aren’t trying to kill the divers; they’re just looking for a little love.

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