The Rise of Twitter Rival Parler

( – Twitter continued its long-running practice of censoring conservative voices in 2020, including that of President Donald Trump. Among other things, Twitter has been working overtime marking post-election tweets by the president, his campaign, and supporters, with warning notices.

The country found out in November that Twitter was coordinating its efforts with Facebook and Google to throttle conservative voices. This action removes any doubt about the fact there was an agenda behind Twitter’s censorship practices.

Meanwhile, a new social media platform was quietly launched in August 2018 called Parler. Billed as a “Free Speech Social Network,” it initially promoted itself as an unbiased place where users could enjoy American values like free expression without concerns about being censored, suspended, or shut down and shut out.

As one might expect, it quickly became a haven for President Trump’s supporters, conservatives and individuals, respecting the diverse range of opinions Americans are supposed to have as their First Amendment right.

Parler continues growing in stature. Many people are calling for President Trump and other powerful conservative voices to leave Twitter once and for all and take their millions upon millions of followers with them. It will be interesting to see what 2021 has in store for the country. 

You can find Parler with any search engine, review its features and read about its reviews. 

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