Thieves Call 911 for Getaway Help

Thieves Call 911 for Getaway Help

( – When thieves break into a house, it would stand to reason they don’t want to get caught red-handed. In fact, it wouldn’t be commonplace for burglars to complete their underhanded tasks and drive to the police station to surrender themselves. But something similar to that happened in a Florida community, where a couple of ne’er-do-wells called emergency services to see if they would get help with their latest heist.

On December 31, Martin Gonzalez-Garcia and his girlfriend, Ashializ Roldan-Oscasio, allegedly broke into a home in Polk County. Once inside, the woman reportedly called 911 in hopes of getting some help to move the couple’s wares and hitch a ride to the airport. The pair apparently wanted to vacation in New York, but didn’t have a way to get to their flight.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office posted about the event on Facebook, saying the police gave them a ride alright — straight to the “pokey.”

Earlier that day, there was a break-in at the local Dollar General store. Upon looking at surveillance tapes, police discovered who they believed to be Gonzalez-Garcia. However, they couldn’t immediately locate the suspect.

After Roldan-Oscasio called emergency services from the house, she didn’t speak, so police quickly arrived on the scene to assess the situation. The Orlando Sentinel reported Gonzalez-Garcia admitted to the earlier theft at the Dollar General store, stating he only broke into the house because he was cold. He also reportedly said he knew what he did was wrong.

The sheriff’s department reported the pair was facing charges of burglary of the house and drug possession, while Gonzalez-Garcia faces an additional count for allegedly stealing items from the retail store.

It’s unclear what punishment the couple faces if convicted of the charges against them. Authorities did not reveal a future court date.

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