This Country Loosens COVID Restrictions

This Country Loosens COVID Restrictions

( – The United States is currently bracing itself for the worst week yet in the fight against COVID-19. President Donald Trump spoke to Americans on April 4 and told them it’s going to be bad. Although it may seem like the end of the world over the next week or so, it does get better. Austria is proof of that.

On April 6, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said he’ll begin opening his country up again starting on April 14. First, stores that are smaller than 4,300 square feet (400 square meters) will open. Then on May 1, the rest of the retailers can begin taking customers. Only one shopper per 215 square feet (20 square meters) can go into the shops and everyone must wear masks. Public events won’t resume until June.

Kurz will have rules, though. If he sees a spike in the virus, he will “hit the emergency brake.”

Austria was one of the first countries in Europe to implement stay-at-home orders in an attempt to flatten the curve. On the day of Kurz’s announcement, the country had more than 12,000 cases with 220 deaths.

On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, the US is still fighting a war. The government is urging people to stay in their homes and only leave if it’s for an essential activity. Hopefully, the measures will help America get on track, just like Austria.

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