This Is What We Learned About American Teachers in 2020

( – In 2020, America learned that teachers are a resilient bunch. As Democrats forced COVID-19 lockdowns on cities across the country, teachers were on the frontlines trying to protect kids from the fallout.

When the new school year started, many schools across the country adopted new ways of holding classes. Suddenly many teachers were trying to educate kids online and in the classroom at the same time. The amount of extra work they have taken on is staggering.

Still, through it all, educators are doing their best to persevere. President Donald Trump has tried to lessen the load on America’s teachers. He has spent months working with experts to make sure schools can reopen safely and the measures put in place are largely successful. The spread of the virus in schools has remained low, and in many cities, teachers have been able to go back to doing what they love.

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