Three Countries Facing Internal Chaos… What’s Happening?

The World in Chaos

( – The United States has been experiencing a lot of difficulty over the last few weeks. Protestors have been marching in the streets and looters have been destroying property for weeks. The government is trying to figure out how to address the demands of the people, control the looters, and at the same time handle a spike in COVID-19 cases around the country.

As the US works out its issues, the rest of the world is a mess. North and South Korea are at each other’s throats again and China is being its usual aggressive self.

North/South Korea

A group of defectors sent anti-North Korean leaflets across the demilitarization zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea.

Kim Yo Jong, (Kim Jong Un’s sister) warned the South Korean government it had better punish the “human scum” who sent the leaflets across the border. She went on to say there would be a “tragic scene” at the North-South liaison office.

Apparently, she’s a woman of her word because the North Korean government promptly bombed the liaison office. The building, which once symbolized “a new era of peace,” was destroyed.

Chinese Aggression

On June 15, Indian and Chinese troops got into a fight near China’s border. Twenty Indian soldiers died, some were beaten to death with improvised weapons and others fell into a ravine. As if that weren’t bad enough, China’s also involved in a conflict with Australia.

On June 18, the Australian government officials said they have a “high degree of confidence” that China has been behind cyber-attacks that are hitting their country’s utilities and hospitals. No personal data was breached or destroyed, but officials said they “will continue to be as vigilant” as possible.

The communist country is not on the list of the US’ favorite right now either, but they seem to be on a mission to alienate themselves from the world. That may not be the smartest move, especially considering their economy is so reliant on others.

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