Time To “Re-Fund The Police”?

(ReliableNews.org) – Calls to “defund the police” reverberate from coast to coast as racial and social unrest uproots Democratic-led cities in the wake of the death of George Floyd while in police custody on May 25. Minneapolis City Council members answered that call several months ago, vowing to reallocate police funds. However, full-blown panic was on display during a Sept. 15 meeting to address upcoming police reforms.

The meeting quickly erupted in council members’ complaints regarding rising crime accompanied by a diminishing response by law enforcement officials.

Violent crimes are on the rise and include assaults, shootings, and brazen daylight carjackings. Shootings are at a 5-year high, the number of murders surpassed 2019’s total by August, and arson is up 55%.

Council members like Jamal Osman told Police Chief Medaria Arradondo residents are frightened and asking, “Where are the police?” Councilman Jeremy Schroeder echoed those concerns stating that many of his residents have initiated neighborhood policing programs in the absence of an adequate response by law enforcement officers.

Arradondo pushed back on those complaints, advising the council his department lost about 100 officers this year, a figure more than double that of recent years.

It’s been said you better be careful what you wish for — you might just get it. Perhaps it’s time for people to spend more time on finding solutions to rising crime and less on talk of defunding police departments. Their very lives may depend on it.

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