Tom Cotton Slams Pelosi For Insane Border Crisis Issue

( – During a March 14 interview, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) blamed the border crisis on former President Donald Trump. She claimed his climate change policies are to blame for the surge in migration, not President Joe Biden’s lax immigration rules. The next day, a Republican senator hit back and used a quote from an Adam Sandler movie “Billy Madison” to do it.

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) spoke to “Fox & Friends” about Pelosi’s allegations. The lawmaker channeled the principal from the movie “Billy Madison” and said the speaker’s “rambling, incoherent answer” didn’t come “close to expressing a rational thought.” He pointed out that the Biden administration knows that it’s a crisis, that’s why they are sending FEMA to the area to help the people who are illegally entering America.

The Democratic Party have gone to great lengths to blame Trump for the problems they have created over the years. Pelosi’s climate change excuse takes the cake though. The border was under control until Biden came along, now there are tens of thousands of people flowing into the country. As the principal said none of that was close to a “rational thought” and we are all “dumber for having listened to it.”

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