Top Dem Strategist Carville Says Biden Shouldn’t Have Run

( – It’s no secret that many members of the Democratic Party weren’t thrilled with President Joe Biden running for office again. Americans collectively said that he was too old. That didn’t stop him from filing for reelection and a top strategist on the Left is reiterating that he thinks the president was wrong.

On June 9, James Carville appeared on “The Cats Roundtable” on 77 WABC radio to discuss the upcoming election. The top Democratic strategist helped get former President Bill Clinton elected in 1992, beating incumbent President George H. W. Bush. He explained that he wasn’t “crazy about” his choices this year because he believed “President Biden should not run for re-election.”

Carville went on to say Biden did decide to run and now the choice is either him or former President Donald Trump, insinuating he will have no choice but to vote for the Democrat. He said he didn’t think the incumbent POTUS would run but he has to live in the world he’s in, not the one he wants.

The political strategist pointed out that the Democratic Party has a lot of young people who could have run in Biden’s place and that would have been a better option for voters during these times. He named House Democratic Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (NY), Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, Maryland Governor Wes Moore, and others who could have led the party.

Carville expressed concern that younger voters aren’t going to vote for Biden in November. He mentioned that both of the candidates are very old and believes that could cause apathy that will have a broader impact on the country in the future. He called it “quite disheartening” to see the “lack of enthusiasm among young people for public policy and public service” because they don’t think government is working for them.

A February ABC News/Ipsos poll found that 86% of Americans thought Biden was too old to serve another term in office.

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