Top Democrat Loses It Over Abbott’s Migrant Buses

Top Democrat Loses It Over Abbott's Migrant Buses

Greg Abbott’s Migrant Buses Push Top Democrat Over The Edge

( – Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) has continued to send migrant buses to cities run by Democrats. Washington, New York City, and Chicago have all received asylum seekers. Recently, a top Democratic lawmaker lashed out at the Republican governor.

On Friday, September 9, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) attacked Abbott for shipping migrants to other cities. The lawmaker’s remarks came after he visited a Salvation Army Freedom Center shelter in Chicago, where at least 140 immigrants are staying after being sent to the city by the Texas governor. Durbin said that “dumping these helpless people” into cities is “cruel and it’s inhumane.” He said that if Abbott really wants to end the border crisis, he “needs to stop playing political games.

A few days later, on September 12, Durbin spoke on the Senate floor during a speech about meeting the migrants. He said The Windy City was “honored to offer a warm, welcoming hand” to the people escaping horrors in their home countries.

Abbott has repeatedly explained that his own state is overwhelmed with the number of migrants being released from Customs and Border Patrol custody as they await the resolution of their asylum process. He has chosen Democratic cities because they claim to be sanctuaries for migrants. On September 12, he revealed he has bussed more than 10,000 immigrants to those cities.

The Texas governor released a statement saying the bussing program is “providing much-needed relief to our overwhelmed border communities.”

What do you think about Abbott’s solution?

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