Trailer Accident Leaves DOZENS Dead — Catastrophic Loss

27+ Dead After Trailer Flips Over Into Pond With People Inside

27+ Dead After Trailer Flips Over Into Pond With People Inside

( – Any time someone dies in a car accident, it’s tragic. Multi-fatalities are even worse. When the number of deaths surpasses two dozen, it’s unthinkable — that’s what recently happened in India.

Forty people were returning from a ceremony at the Chandrika Devi temple on October 1 when the farm tractor-trolley they were riding in was in an accident in Kanpur city’s Ghatampur area. The person driving the vehicle lost control, and it flipped into a pond. Rescuers tried to get to the victims of the accident, but at least 27 lost their lives.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted he was thinking about everyone who lost loved ones in the accident. He pledged officials would do everything they can to make sure everyone impacted has assistance if they need it.

Yogi Adityanath, the top elected official in Uttar Pradesh, urged people to avoid using farm tractors to ferry people around. The Associated Press reported that he said the machine should only be used for transferring goods and working on the farm.

Motor vehicle accidents kill more than a million people around the world each year. Hundreds of thousands die or are injured in India as a result of car crashes annually and many of those are the result of reckless driving.

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