Biden’s Lead Slips and Trump Narrows the Gap in Battleground States

( – In 2016, Hillary Clinton’s biggest mistake was she did not consider critical states while campaigning. The former Democratic nominee didn’t even bother to focus on voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Many believe that cost her the election, and now those states are in play again.

For months, polls showed Joe Biden up in battleground states. The Left has all but declared victory. Now, Real Clear Politics’ poll averages show the gap is narrowing between President Donald Trump and his opponent.

Biden has slipped in 6 of the 12 battleground states.

  • Pennsylvania poll averages show the former VP slipped from +6.6 points to +3.7.
  • Ohio flipped to +0.2 in Trump’s favor, from to +2.4 for Biden.
  • Nevada polls show Biden went from +5.8 to +5.2.
  • Florida was up +2.3 for Biden but fell to +1.6.
  • Arizona polls also showed Biden slipped from +5 to +3.4.
  • Texas averages improved for Trump from +3.2 to +4.4.

President Trump has to win Texas, Florida, and Ohio to beat Joe Biden on November 3. Polls showing him beating the former vice president in two of those states and showing improvement in the other. And remember, the numbers are not the most reliable. They showed Clinton winning in 2016, and that clearly didn’t happen.

There is still over a week of campaigning left before Election Day. November 3rd will tell the tale of who will lead the path to victory.

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