Trump and Putin Unite Over COVID-19

Trump and Putin Unite Over COVID-19

( – Scientists across the world are working very well together to find a vaccine to treat COVID-19. Some world leaders, on the other hand, have butt heads in their pursuit to protect their countries. In a welcome change of pace, two unlikely allies have agreed to “work closely” together via G-20 to combat the coronavirus outbreak.

On Monday, President Donald Trump spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin about how to best prevent the virus from further spreading.

G-20 Unites

While the official G-20 Summit is being held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in November of this year, a virtual conference was held on March 26. The countries comprising the G-20 make up for about 90% of the world’s GDP and two-thirds of its population. As an international forum for world powers to collaborate, its primary focus right now is undoubtedly the coronavirus threat.

Through the organization, Trump and Putin have been in contact and deliberated on how to best deal with the outbreak. They’ve reportedly agreed to get the job done through a massive global marketing campaign to reignite international economies. How exactly this strategy will pan out has yet to be fully revealed, though we do have some details.

Working Under Pressure

Russia and Saudi Arabia have, shall we say, disagreements about how to distribute oil across the world. The Saudis played with oil prices earlier in March, which drastically affected the market. Trump and Putin discussed how they might deal with that as well as trade in general.

During a Fox News call, President Trump lamented about the stigma attached to working with Putin during this global crisis. He mentioned the bad rap he’s getting for even talking to the other leader. He went on to say the president of the former Soviet country “would love to be able to do trade with our country” even though the stigma is causing some setbacks.

Trump has also been in contact with Chinese President Xi Jinping about the virus.

Overall, the president is working with unlikely allies in a time of crisis. What liberal news outlets don’t take seriously enough is that this is exactly the time when all countries need to work together. It doesn’t matter that Trump is talking to controversial figures like Putin, Jinping, or North Korea’s Kim Jong-un about the outbreak. What matters is the commander-in-chief is building as many bridges as possible to solve a problem that threatens everyone on the planet.

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