Trump Attacks Violent Democrat Cities

Trump Attacks Violent Democrat Cities

( – On Saturday, September 5, Portland reached a sad milestone: 100 days of unrest. For more than three months, Democratically-run cities have been under siege by violent rioters. On Labor Day, President Donald Trump once again slammed leftist leaders for allowing it to continue.

The president pointed out that all of the cities experiencing violence are run by Democratic politicians.

The holiday weekend was a tough one for cities across the country. In Portland, dozens of people were arrested on Saturday night. Several protesters were taken to jail in Seattle on Monday after they began attacking police officers.

Rochester, NY, also saw unlawful protests.

President Trump has been highlighting the violence in recent weeks so the American people understand how far apart he is with Democrats on law and order. While they allow their cities to burn, he’s repeatedly offered to send in federal law enforcement to restore order.

Instead of protecting residents and business owners, leftist leaders are allowing the unrest to continue. At what point is enough, enough?

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