Trump: Bill Barr Should Have Disclosed Hunter Biden Probe

( – Tensions continue to mount between President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr in the wake of the 2020 presidential election. The president and his lawyers continue to allege voting irregularities in several court actions.

Nevertheless, Barr contradicted the president and his lawyers, telling the Associated Press his office didn’t find any evidence of voting irregularities on a large enough scale that would have changed the election outcome.

On December 9, the news broke that Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, was under federal investigation for his “tax affairs.” The president took to his Twitter account on December 12, questioning why Barr didn’t release this information before the election.

The following day, Fox and Friends aired an interview with the president. He explained that Biden lied on the debate stage when he claimed nothing was going on with his son. Continuing, he said Barr had a responsibility to correct the record.

The president is reportedly considering firing Barr for his failure to disclose the investigation into Hunter Biden.

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