Trump Calls DOJ’s Probe Of Pardon Bribery “Fake News” (REPORT)

( – On December 1, reports surfaced alleging the Department of Justice is investigating a bribery-for-pardon scheme. President Donald Trump spoke out against the news.

According to court documents, the DOJ is looking into an alleged “secret lobbying scheme” where people reportedly offered to donate money to political campaigns in exchange for pardons. The unsealed docs name two individuals but those names were redacted. President Trump dismissed the reports as fake news.

The court documents do not name President Trump as having any involvement in the alleged scheme. Also, it’s hard to tell whether it’s even true. And the commander-in-chief’s tweet doesn’t say if the reports of an investigation are false or if it’s the allegations that aren’t true, or both.

Of course, Democrats are seizing on the reports to confirm their biases, but that’s nothing new. The court documents show nobody was ever charged in the case.

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