Trump Calls Out “Total Nut Job” CNN Analyst

( – President Trump struck back at CNN analyst Carl Bernstein after he launched a substance-free assault on him for holding a campaign rally in Nevada over the weekend.

The president told “Fox & Friends’” hosts on Sept. 15 that Bernstein was a “total nut job,” who had no interest in reporting on matters of substance like the current deal he was working out with Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain.

He concluded his remarks, calling Bernstein “a dummy… a dumb guy.”

The source of the president’s ire was Bernstein’s remarks to CNN host Anderson Cooper the day before about the decision to hold an indoor rally in Henderson, Nevada.

Bernstein called Trump a “homicidal president,” adding the rally was a “homicidal assembly” to aid the president’s reelection efforts.

Continuing, he accused the president of sacrificing the lives of his supporters along with thousands of other Americans because of his inability to deal with the country’s “gravest” post-war domestic crisis.

However, as the president pointed out during the interview, Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak’s COVID-19 directives forced the campaign to cancel the event at an outdoor venue.

Perhaps, Bernstein should rethink his harsh words and place them where they belong — at Gov. Sisolak.

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