Trump Criticized by Ex-Aide for Biden ‘Electric Chair’ Comments

( – Former President Donald Trump is known for making outrageous remarks during his speeches. It’s a quality that many of his supporters have said endeared him to them. He took that to a new level during a recent event and now one of his former aides is criticizing him.

On May 18, Trump was in Dallas, Texas, for the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) annual convention. He spoke at the event and got himself into a little bit of hot water. The former president called President Joe Biden the “Manchurian candidate.” That’s a term used to describe someone controlled by a foreign adversary. He went on to say that if the president were a conservative, “he would have been given the electric chair.” He claimed, “they would have brought back the death penalty.”

Trump’s remarks were related to the allegations that Biden helped his son Hunter Biden with his foreign business dealings. Republicans have opened an impeachment inquiry, but have not produced any evidence to support the claims.

Sarah Matthews, who served as the former White House deputy press secretary during Trump’s administration, took issue with the former president’s comments. She’s now a co-host of MSNBC’s “This Weekend” and accused her ex-boss of using rhetoric like that to “rile up” his supporters and “get them excited.”

However, Matthews said nobody should be making comments like that about anyone, “but especially not the sitting US president.” She went on to say she doesn’t think the former POTUS cares that “his rhetoric has gotten increasingly erratic” and blamed him for the increase in political violence.

Matthews told her viewers that the remarks Trump makes are “not normal” and that the GOP candidate for president shouldn’t make jokes “about executing the current sitting US president.”

Trump made another comment at the NRA Convention that got tongues wagging. He joked that he might be a third-term president, suggesting he had plans to run for a third time even though the Constitution prohibits it.

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