Trump Encourages 2nd Chances for Inmates

President Trump took another step to improve the criminal justice system this week. This time, he isn’t aiming his sights at criminals… he wants to improve the lives of people who are incarcerated.

Trump’s goal is to ensure all Americans can work and become self-sufficient. This includes people who have only recently ended a stint in prison. His new Second Chance Act advocates for measures to help ex-cons find gainful employment and become functioning members of society, reducing risks for recidivism and future crimes.

This new step towards bettering the lives of people who have made mistakes, yet learn from them and actively want to do better, received applause from black leaders across many different communities. Although the Second Chance Act will help people from all backgrounds, socioeconomic levels, and ethnicities, black adults are six times as likely to be put in prison as white adults.

The Left has been calling Trump a racist for years, do you think this will finally change their mind? Seems like proof to us!

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