Trump Enemy Facing Censure After Vote to Convict

( – It’s official — Donald Trump’s impeachment trial ended in acquittal on Saturday, February 13. However, seven Republicans defected and joined ranks with Democrat witch hunters, and voted to convict.

The blowback was swift for the renegade senators in the wake of their betrayal. For instance, North Carolina’s GOP chair issued a scathing statement against Sen. Richard Barr (R-NC) for his vote against the former president.

Barr issued a statement shortly after the Senate vote justifying his decision to turn on Trump. He claimed that the evidence “was compelling” that Trump was “guilty of inciting insurrection.”

It’s unclear why he bothered posting that explanation. It has little to no impact on North Carolina GOP members who voted to censure him during a nighttime vote held on Monday, February 15.

By his own admission, Barr believed the trial to be unconstitutional. But he didn’t seem to have any problem convicting Trump anyway.

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