Trump Extends Border Wall Emergency Until February 2022

( – President Donald Trump continues his decisive leadership of the country as his first term in office draws to a close. Like other presidents who came before him, he is diligently working to make sure his priorities extend into the next administration.

Last Friday, the president extended his February 15, 2019, national emergency proclamation regarding the nation’s southern border. Noting that the ongoing security and humanitarian crisis at the border continues to threaten national security, he continued the order’s effect until February 15, 2022.

It appears that the president’s extension couldn’t have come at a better time. The emergency order was originally set to expire in less than a month, and a caravan of as many as 9,000 Hondurans is making its way to the border, demanding former Vice President Joe Biden make good on his promise to reopen the border, upending four years of increased security.

We will keep you updated on Biden’s actions, the movement of the caravan, and other issues related to the border as they arise.

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