Trump Faces His Worst Lawsuit YET — Can He Make It Out Of This?

Trump Faces Lawsuit From Woman Who Claims He Assaulted Her

Trump Faces Lawsuit From Woman Who Claims He Assaulted Her

( – Former President Donald Trump has faced accusations from women who say he assaulted them in the past. To date, not a single allegation has led to charges against him, and he has denied all allegations. E. Jean Carroll, one of the women who accused him, is suing him.

On Tuesday, September 20, an August letter Carroll’s attorney wrote to a New York federal judge was made public. The lawyer stated the journalist was filing suit against former President Donald Trump under New York’s Adult Survivors Act. The legislation created a one-year window to allow alleged survivors of sexual assault to sue their abusers.

Carroll sued Trump for defamation of character while he was serving in the White House. She claimed the then-president called her a liar and said, “she’s not my type” when discussing the allegations against him. The new suit will reportedly be one specifically related to the alleged sexual assault.

By filing a civil suit, Carroll would have a much lower standard as it relates to proof. Unlike in criminal court, allegations don’t have to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Instead, it’s a lower standard that’s usually by a preponderance of the evidence. It remains to be seen whether Trump’s accuser can meet that standard.

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