Trump Fights Back Against Big Tech in Latest Move

( – Former President Donald Trump has been fighting against the censorship of conservatives on social media for years. While he was in office, he repeatedly called on Congress to rescind Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, opening Big Tech up to liability lawsuits for unfairly censoring people. In January, his fight against the companies escalated when all of the major social media platforms banned him. Now he is taking his fight to the courts. 

On Wednesday, July 7, Trump filed lawsuits against the country’s major social media platforms: YouTube (owned by Google), Facebook and Twitter. The former president is asking for unspecified damages and the courts to overturn Section 230. He also alleges the social media giants are acting like state actors by working with government officials to censor speech. He says the companies violated his First Amendment rights when they banned him from the platforms. 

Currently, the First Amendment only protects people from censorship from the government. However, if Trump can prove that the platforms have been working with the government to censor speech, then he could possibly get the courts to agree his constitutional rights were violated because the companies were acting as state actors. It’s going to be a hard case to win, but if he does it could put an end to social media censorship once and for all. Take note that Trump is continuing to fight for Americans, even though he is no longer our president.

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