Trump Gains More Support From Black and Hispanic Voters Since 2016

( – The results of the presidential election are still not clear. Mail-in voting has caused a massive delay in the battleground states. Further, President Donald Trump and his campaign aren’t sure if they can trust the results.

One thing is certain, though, Trump received more minority support than any other Republican candidate since Richard Nixon.

Latinos Turnout

Trump handily won Florida on November 3. His victory was largely due to the huge uptick in Latino voters making their way to the polls to vote for him. According to exit polls, roughly 55% of Cuban-Americans supported the president in 2020, but they weren’t the only group of Hispanics to throw their weight behind him.

About 30% of Puerto Ricans cast their ballots for Trump and 48% of “other Latinos” did as well. Their support propelled him to victory in the state, awarding him 29 electoral votes.

Democrats’ Miscalculation

It wasn’t just Florida that saw minorities turning out for President Trump. An Edison exit poll, published in the New York Times, found approximately 25% of non-white voters cast their ballots for him. If this holds up, it would mean the commander-in-chief received more minority support than any other GOP nominee since Richard Nixon’s 32% in 1960.

For years, Democrats have been trying to convince the American people that Trump is a racist. It’s their go-to slur, but clearly, it did not stick. Despite their attempts to slander the president, Latinos, African-Americans, and other minority voters turned out in droves for him.

The Democratic Party has been operating for years on the notion that soon enough, minority voters will outnumber white voters, and that will kill the Republican Party. President Trump proved that is not going to happen.

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